I’m Building a Secret Team – Join Me!

I’m building a team of fun, caring people who want to spend just a few minutes a week as a kind of secret agent. Here’s how it works:

I run a Twitch channel (LoveBombNate) that surprises people with love while they’re livestreaming. I either fly solo or invite a friend with me (the two of us on the right in the video) to find a creator who’s live on Twitch. We secretly watch their channel for a few minutes, and then I drop my entire audience (that’ll be you!) into their stream, where each of us leaves a positive, encouraging, creative, funny, or uplifting comment that is specific to that person and makes them feel appreciated and special.

My goal is to create moments of unexpected joy for both the recipient and my community every time I go live. Here’s what it looks like 🙂

This was our first bombing run, and we did it with a tiny audience of only about 10 people commenting. I want to grow to hundreds of people so that our impact is huge and the reactions are amazing.

Here’s Where You Come In

Whenever I send out a notification about a bombing mission, I want hundreds of people to jump into my channel, target the creator I’ve selected, and then drop tons of love on them to make their day and overwhelm them with a moment of unexpected joy. Then we simply melt away and disappear again until the next time.

If this sounds like a great way show kindness to others and get a little dopamine hit of your own, please get signed up for notifications below! You can also join the Discord to hang out with me and the rest of the team in between missions.

If you already have a Twitch account, it’s super easy: just follow LoveBombNate and make sure your notifications are turned on so you know when I go live!

If you’re not on Twitch yet, it’s a livestreaming platform that allows you to chat with me and the rest of the team during the stream. Only people with an account are allowed to chat in streams, so you’ll need one to be able to talk to me and leave a comment for our target during the bomb.

To live chat and drop bombs with me and the team:

Step 1: Create a Twitch account (downloading the mobile app is best)

Step 2: Follow LoveBombNate and make sure your notifications are turned on so you know when I go live!

Bonus: If you’re feeling extra generous, Amazon Prime comes with one free Twitch subscription per month. Free to you, worth a couple bucks to me to support the channel. If you hit the “Subscribe” button on my channel and use your free Prime sub, I’d appreciate it!

Thanks so much for joining the team! We’re starting small right now, but as we grow I have a lot of ideas for how we can completely blow the target away with love and generosity, and give them a day they’ll never forget ❤️