Be a Guest

If you’re a creator (especially a Twitch streamer), I have an open invitation for you to come join me on my channel for 20-30 minutes so we can create fun moments like this together. That’s you and me on the right, secretly dropping a love bomb on the livestreaming creator in the middle:

[Love Bomb = We secretly watch their channel for a few minutes, and then I drop my entire audience (and yours) into their stream, where we all leave positive, encouraging, creative, funny, uplifting comments that are specific to that person and make them feel appreciated and special.]

(or see the How It Works page for more detail)

If this looks like something you’d like to be a part of, read on for more info, or fill out this short form to get started!

For Creators

There is no cost, no prep work, and no extra time or effort for you.

If you’re a Twitch creator, all you have to do is raid into my stream whenever one of yours ends, and spend about 20-30 minutes with me over on my channel. I usually spend around 10-15 minutes chatting with you, and then 5-10 minutes to find another livestreaming creator and drop a love bomb with our combined audiences.

Note: If you don’t want to join on camera, you can also just raid into my channel, stay in the chat, and I will immediately direct us all on a bombing run. I can even do this on short notice if you contact me just before or during your stream.

It’s similar if you’re a creator on any other platform (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, even more traditional media like bloggers or podcasters, etc). We just set a time, make sure your audience is aware of how to participate, and then we basically do a livestream conversation with a philanthropic twist at the end. Easy!

You and I will work together to create an environment where both of our communities have a good time learning a little more about you during the conversation segment, and then all of us together get to be part of creating a moment of unexpected joy for the creator you and I choose to drop the bomb on. Everybody wins 🙂


Conversation Segment

When you join me for a livestream, the conversation can be as short and simple as just chatting for a few minutes before the bomb, or as in-depth as a typical podcast interview. I can do whatever you’re comfortable with; it’s up to you.

For this segment, my job is not to put you on the spot, but to let you shine just a little differently than you normally do. Before we go live, I will have sent you a form asking you to choose the type of participation you want, along with all the different question/activity categories, and you will have given me all the categories you’re comfortable with, and any you aren’t.

Benefits to you and your channel:

  • Most of my questions will be fun and different than typical ones you usually get in an interview setting, giving you the chance to be more loose and spontaneous. This lets your regular audience see you from a slightly different perspective and get to know you on a new level

  • Since some of the questions will invite audience contributions and participation, this segment will help them get to know each other a little better, and also help you get to know them better as well

  • You and your channel will be promoted to my audience during the show, and featured as that episode’s partner on YouTube, the Love Bomb website, and social media

  • I’ll provide you with the raw video file afterward so you can create any of your own content if you want

Love Bomb Segment

This is where you and your community and all the rest of us get to be a part of something special ❤️

To find the creator to bomb, usually you and I will decide on a few parameters ahead of time, and then I’ll either have a target ready to go when you join my channel, or we can browse through some livestreams together until we find a good candidate. Additionally, if you have someone in your network that you want to drop some love on and they happen to be live, we can do that too.

It’s a really fun group activity when we’re all peeking in on a random creator and getting ready to hit them with a kindness ambush that will absolutely make their day. And it always ends with everyone happy 🙂

After it’s all over, you’ll have a video of you and your community raiding a streamer in a uniquely positive way and catching their reaction live, and you’ll have the rights to use that however you want (or make your own content from it).

Here’s what our first one looked like, with just 30 people dropping into the stream and around 10 people leaving comments . . . reactions get bigger as the audience gets bigger!


Get In Touch

If you want to be a guest, just fill out this short form and I’ll get back to you right away to set everything up. Thanks for spreading the love with us!

If you have any questions or other ideas, you can visit the About page or join the Discord to contact me directly.